Design Review

Design review is a collaborative process between a resident and the Architectural Control Committee. Although a planned modification may be congruent with Kissing Tree’s design standards, residents must always obtain approval from the ACC prior to beginning an exterior modification project.

Application Process

First, you must close on your home to be eligible to submit a design review application. When your application is submitted, the Community Life team must be able to find a record of the home closing to proceed with your application. 

Once you’ve closed on your home, familiarize yourself with all of the materials before submitting your application online. Bear in mind that incomplete applications can slow the process down — a few minutes up front can save a lot of waiting later. 

Use this checklist to ensure you’ve collected all needed info before you fill out the application. You’ll also want to review the list of fees and deposits. The review fee is non-refundable and will be collected securely by credit card through the design review application. Deposits are required for some types of projects and are payable by check to Kissing Tree Master Community within one day of submitting your application.

The Architectural Control Committee meets once a month to review all applications and has up to 30 days from the date a completed application is submitted to review and provide a written response. Look under “Resources and Guides” below to find a schedule of their meeting dates. You should wait to schedule vendors until after you receive written approval for your modification.

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